Mr Kelsey Agama

Sources have revealed the brains behind the NDAGG.ORG website. It may interest you to know that our organization kicked off and swung into action in response to the activities of this blackmail site. 

We discovered that site was set up in the United States with a sole mandate of pulling down the leadership of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

Our investigations have revealed that the motivation of the culprits are linked to; the upcoming 2019 elections, cover up of fraud under the former leadership of the Amnesty Office and the hunger for power. 

The head of the team is Mr K. AGAMA; a former US marine, who was sacked due to corruption and illegal activities. He also is a direct cousin of the former minister of Petroleum Resources. Others behind this mega scam include past and current staff of the Amnesty Office, Some Ex Militant Leaders and Vendors associated with the Office. 

Full Details and revelations with Names, Facts and Figures coming soon 

Posted on 9/14/2017 4:46:33 AM