About us

NIGER DELTANS AGAINST GREED AND GIMMICKING: It is now becoming a normal practice in Nigeria for desperate individuals to use blackmail and treachery to maneuver their way through life. In recent times individuals use lies and deceit to defraud people, get appointments and gather favour. This trend is not only distracting focused law abiding citizens but also causes strive and disaffection amongst people This horrible trend has motivated humble patriotic Nigerians to come together and speak out against blackmail, lies and Gimmicking. The Niger Deltans Against Greed and Gimmicking is the last hope for the innocent, because the men of the underworld have developed strategies to steal, kill and destroy destinies, through blackmail, rumours and blatant lies. We will not relent. We will defend anyone we find worthy of our support. We will propagate the positive achievements of individuals, especially those who are under attack from kingpins of blackmail. We will expose sponsors of lies and deceit with facts and figures. We urge all who are in the habit of spreading lies and rumours to repent now, because we will show no mercy.